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About us

Translation Center is a leading Arabic translation service provider in the Gulf region, translating to and from Arabic and English languages. We provide specialized Arabic services, ensuring a clear and localized message is sent to the intended audience. Operating in over five continents, our translators’ extensive experience guarantees efficiency and accuracy. 

Our experience is as diverse as our client base, ranging from industries like public relations, advertising, education, manufacturing, insurance, finance, and governmental organizations. We are equally proficient with technical jargon, especially used in industries like electrics, medicine and health, art and design, technology, and security. 

Our Main Services

We adhere to the highest degrees of privacy for our clients. Only translators and the assigned account executive have access to the texts. 

Professional technical translations for companies by our certified translators. 

High-level interpretation services for different industries, whether corporate, legal, technical, industrial, government or public sectors. 

We employ the best translators and adhere to the highest degrees of quality and accuracy. We make sure to produce materials that are authentic to the reader. With our comprehensive  understanding of the Arabic language and its linguistic requirements, we make sure to capture the essence of the text and bring its meaning to life, staying true to the text. 

Multilingual wording and copywriting services to get your intended message with efficiency and creativity.        

Translated expertly by experienced certified professionals. 

Thorough proofreading and editing services by our specialized editors.                                                                   

This is a very highly specialized discipline and is only carried out by qualified medical translators. We employ qualified medical doctors and pharmacists to consult on these translations, for both Arabic and English. 

Our Clients